Frequently Asked Questions
What is "Buy now Pay later"?
Buy now Pay later is a credit scheme which gives opportunity to members of staff of our accredited organizations to make payment on four(4) instalments for products without paying the lump sum at once.
Can I buy cash and carry?
Yes, in addition to Buy now Pay later scheme we also provide cash and carry services. Products are on display at any of our office around Nigeria in Ibadan, Lagos and Abuja. Customers have the opportunity of getting their products right across the counter after making full cash payments for their products. This service also comes with benefit of 10% discount on the total price of the product purchased.
How do I pay for my products?
Payment can be made in cash at any of our offices across the country or it can be made directly to any of our associated bank accounts. The bank account numbers can be provided on request.
What is the due date for subsequent payments?
On the platform of Buy now Pay later, your payments for products is split into four(4) instalmental periods. After the first instalment, subsequent instalments will be due on the 28th of every month till full payment is made.
How do I make my subsequent payments?
You can make subsequent payments in the following ways:
  1. You can make payments by issuing postdated cheques to us.
  2. You can pay directly to our bank accounts after our relationship officers have gotten in touch with you.
  3. You can walk into any of our offices i.e Ibadan, Lagos & Abuja to make your payments.
When do I pick up the products after I have made my first payment?
It is our policy to make products ready for pickup by first week of every month which falls in between the 6th-10th day of the month. Notification will be immediately sent with information on when and where to pick your products.
Do you offer shipment for products?
Yes, we also make provisions for shipment of products to places across the country at a subsidised fee.